Industrial Painting Contractors

Commercial painting professionals and companies that perform this type of work also do industrial painting projects. It is an overlap of services but we wanted to address the different types of painting contractors and differentiate the commercial jobs typically performed by these contractors and the others that fall into the industrial type.

While in a broad sense, these types of projects fall under the commercial painting realm, they can be separated based on the job being performed and the venue or location where it is taking place. For example, a commercial painting project would, by all means, be performed at a commercial type property, while an industrial painting job would be done in an industrial environment where there is less foot traffic by the general public. Obviously, the approach to the job by the contractor would be different in terms of liability, potential dangers, risks, and overall difficulty.

A large facility that produces some sort of product would be much more challenging than a basic exterior hotel painting project. For example, commercial painting projects would include office buildings, hotels, malls, motels, resorts, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, townhouse developments, strip malls, etc.

Industrial painting projects would include manufacturing plans, dry storage for boats, storage facilities, electrical plants, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing facilities, tank painting, silo painting projects, concrete plants, etc.

There are many, many more types of jobs in each category, but you get the sense of how many variations there are and what is required of the contractor in terms of expertise, knowledge and materials as well as the personnel to complete such jobs in a professional manner.

In addition, there are many companies who claim to be professional and will provide adequate insurance but lack the care and integrity to do the job right. This is why, as we always recommend, do your research and check the reviews online of any service provider you intend to hire.

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The Dreaded Clean Up After Painting

You can learn a lot about painting companies by how they clean up after an extensive project on a property.

In fact, this can be the most important step n the process and the one that restores your property or living area back to its original state (with a nicely painted area we hope). Many companies simply get an “F” when t comes to the crucial step, while others take great pride in it knowing that you are watching and this aspect of the job can be the final touch on a very successful paint or re-paint.

Here are some of the essential steps each company must take after your painting project main work is done in order to get it looking its best:

  1. Remove all paint, equipment, ladders and lifts
  2. Check for and remove all drips, drops and messes in the area
  3. Check for any smudges or places that need an extra coat
  4. Return all furniture, equipment, its original resting place

These are just a few of the basic steps that need to be taken to get your area back to its original living or working state. In addition to this, the painting company needs to make certain that the client is 100% satisfied with the work after doing a thorough walk through together and inspecting every aspect of the job.

After the walk through, and the client is satisfied with the level of work performed AND the clean up that followed then the remaining money due can be paid to the company for their services.

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How To Hire A Commercial Painting Company

We work with a lot of business owners, property managers, commercial real estate executives and building experts and the question we are always asked is: “who do you use for your commercial painting?”

This can be a very time consuming task for any of these entities simply because the process of finding a reputable and trustworthy company that isn’t just out for your money is a challenge.

We have used any number of sources over the years including just the basic “word of mouth” technique. The good news is this. There are a ton of online and offline resources to help you find a great company AND once you’ve found one, your search is over. As you will see later, common sense is your best friend. For example, a highly respected friend of mine who operates numerous properties throughout the Southeast found the best resource he’s ever had simply by searching for commercial painting Fort Lauderdale. This “free” search online yielded him the best company in his area and he has used them over and over again. Simple but true.

Most of the best commercial painting companies specialize in re-painting, have warranties, and will come back and touch up, repaint or do the entire job over. This is not to say that a repaint is free, but sometimes warranties will covers touch-ups OR you can use the very same company all over again in the near future (usually 507 years) when it is time to put another coat of paint on your commercial property.

As we said, we used word of mouth with many of the top people we work with in the industry, but there are many online sources to consult such as:

  • Your local Better Business Bureau
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Yelp
  • Facebook recommendations
  • Angie’s List
  • Thumbtack
  • Home Advisor
  • BOMA

These are just a few of the obvious choices, not to mention there a hundreds of others if you just do the research in your local area. In fact, one simple, but often overlooked idea, is to simply find a commercial property that matches the size of the one you are looking to complete, and inquire as to who the property manager is, and talk with them about who they used and what their recommendations are.

Common sense can go a long way. We also recommend that you look into BOMA on the local level to learn more about the industry:

We hope this brief article will help you find the right match for your business and needs and remember :keep it simple”.

For the record:

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