For years, Purdy works alongside professional and amateur painters, observes them and answers many questions. We have compiled the following paint tips and techniques to meet your needs. However, you can contact us directly to send us your question.

What brush to paint I use for different types of paint?

Brushes with natural bristles for painting are made with animal hair and are very soft and porous. In the case of oil-based paints, most professionals choose a brush to paint natural with Chinese bristles (pig hair).

If you are going to paint a smooth surface with oil-based paint, the natural bristle brushes (White Bristle) for painting are the best option, since they are soft and flexible. When painting a textured surface, black bristle brushes are best for the picture, as they are stiffer and more resistant to abrasion. If you need an ultra-fine finish, the best option is a brush combined with ox hair.

Synthetic Filament: If you choose a water-based coating (commonly referred to as “latex”), it is essential that you choose a synthetic filament paint brush. The Purdy synthetic filament range includes:

100% black nylon

100% dyed nylon

Nylon/polyester blend

100% Chinex filament

Chinex / nylon mix

Chinex / polyester blend

Chinex / nylon / polyester blend

Brushes that include a polyester blend, such as our XL , Elite, and PRO-EXTRA series, maintain better flexibility than 100 percent nylon brushes. This feature allows the professional paintbrushes XL, Elite or PRO-EXTRA to have a good and even performance in hot and humid climates.

When painting exclusively covered spaces in controlled climatic conditions, the ideal option is a brush to paint 100 percent nylon, because the retention of hardness would not be a critical factor. Also, a 100 percent nylon filament allows the brush to release the paint more efficiently and to flow on the work surface.

It ought to be specified that Purdy manufactured fiber paint brushes likewise have an astounding execution with oil-based paints. This is because of the different handling and completing strides of our assembling, which diminish the engineered material and wipe out drag when utilized with oil-based paints.

To choose a particular brush or roller for your application, visit our paint device selector.

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